Came across this video – ‘Always #LikeAGirl.’ Loved it. Thought of sharing it here. It’s been viewed over thirteen million times and has gone viral. The makers of the video say,”Boys and girls are told different things growing up, but the overriding message is clear: ideological masculinity is to be aimed for, and ideological femininity (AKA acting ‘like a girl’) is to be avoided at all costs.” This is exactly why a video like this is important. It shouts out loud that the words ,”Like a Girl” are not an insult because being a girl is not an insult in the first place. High time people get that.

Interesting thing is that just when i was wondering if i could somehow access another video , made with the same sentiment but with respect to boys, i found another one entitled – ‘The Mask You Live In.’ This video makes us ponder that are we as a society failing our boys since we put on them a lot of pressure to conform to a set standard , we call ‘masculinity. ‘Emotional stoicism ain’t good for them. When will we learn to just ‘let them be’ and not propagate a skewed definition of masculinity? If we need a better society to live in, we’ve got to start teaching our children better.

It’s good to make more videos like these . Videos that are a part of a social experiment and which fight the gender stereotype. I really appreciate individuals putting stuff like this out there for all of us to watch. Things like these make us realize that we should not be speaking, behaving or even feeling in a certain way just for validation from people. It puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on us.
It’s time we RESPECT THE DIFFERENCES between genders and then celebrate them.

C’mon people, spare a few minutes and WATCH these videos NOW.