A lot of aspirants have been asking me about an ideal schedule for CSE preparation. There is no set schedule. To each their own philosophy works best here. However, in the current post, I will share the time table, I followed during the course of my preparation.

Weekly Time Table Covering Subjects

While preparing for CSE, I had created a set schedule for myself. If it suits you, do follow it –

  • MONDAY – Polity , Economy, Geography, Current Affairs
  • TUESDAY – History, Environment, Science & Technology, Current Affairs
  • WEDNESDAY – Optional, CSAT, Polity, Current Affairs
  • THURSDAY – Optional, CSAT, economy, Current Affairs
  • FRIDAY – History, Geography, Environment, Current Affairs
  • SATURDAY – Science & Technology, At & Culture, Economy, Current Affairs
  • SUNDAY – Revision and Mock Tests

The above schedule was followed by me about 5 months (time invested was at least 2 hours per subject) at the beginning of preparation. After that , i felt I had an edge in a few subjects so modified the time table weekly keeping both prelims and mains in mind.

Here are some additional tips that will prove beneficial –

  • Create a daily, weekly and monthly plan covering topics, and hence subjects.
  • Do not read one subject at a time for GS and leave the rest. For instance don’t formulate a strategy where you go on studying , let’s say , polity for 2 months and leave out all the rest.
  • Alternate subjects and study.
  • Besides subjects covering GS, make sure you invest about 2 hours exclusively on Current Affairs (from sources like the Hindu, online portals and official websites for various Ministries)
  • Allot the current affairs read by you to various subjects of GS. For this you can either make topic wise notes or just add the information to your existing notes. This compilation of Current Affairs will be one of your best resources for both prelims and Mains.
  • Keep an hour (at least daily) to refer to websites like Mrunal & Insights just to make sure that you are not losing out on any topic.

Work really hard. Amplify your strengths and abate your weaknesses. Sincere efforts never go wasted. Make your attempt count.