An year ago , on this date i started writing this blog . I named it ‘CEREBRATION’ and added a subtitle – ‘Reflections of a Deeper Psyche.’ The word ‘cerebration’ means, ”The process of using your mind to consider something carefully.” Coincidentally it rhymes with the word ‘celebration’ and I guess that is a beautiful coincidence because I celebrate my blog along with all you amazing people.

I had started this blog with a lot of thrill , a lot of insight of the world around and more than anything else, for pursuing my passion for writing. I didn’t really have any high expectations of the blog becoming popular, getting any sort of readership , receiving a lot of hits – Nothing at all. I was just catering to a hobby. I didn’t have the slightest idea that people from across the globe with such diversity in culture and environment will be interested to read what i write. To cut the long story short, i had never really thought that people will actually spare time for my writing and will love to share what i feel at a personal level. But today when i look back it feels great. In fact my first response to anyone asking me about my experience here will be – “My whole time on blogosphere has been JUST WOW.”

When i started , i had published one post – Diablo , which was not even a post per say but just a reaction to what i thought of the whole concept of the ‘devil’. That post had one ‘like’ by some lovely fellow who was considerate enough to stop by a blog that was just an hour old. But that one ‘like’ gave me a sense of accomplishment. It gave me a feeling of my point of view being appreciated and ever since the ‘likes’ on this blog have constantly been increasing. So have the posts. I’ve written 34 posts till now. This is the 35th and all thanks to you fabulous people, that 4 of my posts have been trending on this blog as the ‘top posts’ from the day they were written till this day – ‘From the heart of a Child’ , ‘Take it Easy’ , ‘Flush Out the Most Dangerous Toxin of All – Negativity’ and ‘Does the F Word Scare You?’ .Guess it’s time to add more. Every time a reader shares my work elsewhere on the internet or otherwise or reblogs it, it feels damn good. So many of you have quoted me in your posts and have made me feel really special. On this exact same date , last year i had 0 hits, 0 followers, 0 shares ,0 comments, 1 visit from 1 country. Today, after a full year i have exactly 10,141 hits, 916 followers , more than 150 ‘shares’ on Twitter, Facebook and Google Hangout, 1256 comments, 10,000+ visits from 21+ countries . Wow. I feel ecstatic. I feel admired. I feel loved.

I owe it – all of it – to each and every person out there, whether on WordPress, or on Twitter, Hangout, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. who spared a moment out of their lives to give my blog an interesting reading. Also, i would like to thank every person who has subscribed to my blog for getting updates on their email. You people really keep me motivated. Your feedback in the form of your extremely thoughtful comments makes me ponder, makes me widen my world view, gives me a lot more perspective on things which i think differently and most importantly , it makes me ‘grow’ as a person. I have tried to respond to each one of you (if at all i haven’t yet, i will get back). I have made sure that no feedback goes unnoticed because your time really counts and i appreciate that. I respect your interaction with me whether it is here or on any other social media. You folks really made this whole endeavour worth it. Totally worth it. Also a special thanks to WordPress. I love this site and am glad i chose to sign up here for my blog. I am extremely grateful to all you wonderful people.

I should also mention here today that I have received on my blog , a minor but quite powerful negative feedback on some rare occasions , mostly by people (and unfortunately so) who hold certain prejudices against my personal space in this world & make everything into a ‘war of sexes’, and get abusive. I don’t have a problem with negative feedback if it relates to my work but sadly it doesn’t. Some people make it an ego issue when it comes to criticism. To all those hate mongers i say – “My work really rattled your brains out, hence all your reactions.” 😀 This world and the space we share is not either my space OR yours. It is my space AND your space too. So instead of being threatened by women progressing, just be a part of the progress and celebrate it because differences always need to be respected.
I can now proudly conclude by saying that this blog is literally my baby and i’m nurturing it and growing along with it in the most awesome way, every single day.



– Akriti


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