Wow. It’s 2 years of blogging already. What an amazing feeling Β πŸ™‚

When i started 2 years ago , wasn’t even sure whether i’d pursue it for long or not. Wasn’t sure about the readership as well. In fact , I’ve mentioned this in my first post. I ended the sentence with a ,”let’s see.” Well , today after 2 outstanding years here, i can proudly say , YES i pursued my passion and YES i got readership. Not just readership but brilliant minds that form that readership.Β With over 4900 followers and over 19K hits , i feel so ecstatic today. I owe you all big time πŸ™‚

Brilliant readership, talented minds, creative ideas, awesome interactions, critical appraisal – my blog has seen it all. All thanks to the amazing people who read it and constantly give their honest and valuable feedback. I’m so glad i found people from all over the world here coming from various cultures, and ethinicities. What an amazing experience.


Much love.



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