Don't judge


What is the most difficult thing to do in this world – Being Yourself.

People are quick to judge. It comes easy. What doesn’t come easy is the power of observation. How hard is it to just observe people and not judge ? For a lot of people – Impossible. A  judgmental mind is a weak mind. It’s a threatened mind. It’s a cynical mind. Cynicism is ok sometimes because one should not plainly accept what is being given to them in life. One  has to and should question it. But to question just for the heck of it , or let’s say out of habit is so not cool .People always want to see what they want to see and not see what really exists. This attitude , this bent of mind ain’t right.

Don’t try to seek answers that you want to hear. Be open minded.Be evolved and learn to accept the truth as it is without judging people because if you can’t , you’re a mess for life. Each one of us including me has judged sometime in life. The only difference is that some of us ‘grow’ and get evolved to not judge again.Others just can’t let go of the cynicism. When strangers try to make an opinion about us based on their own short comings it doesn’t really matter. But when our close people do it, it hurts because they know us so well. So why should they judge us ? Should they not understand what we feel or think ? Or at least make an effort to understand our point of view ? Even if their stance is different from ours , what is the point of judging? Just accept the differences without being cynical about it.

William Shakespeare mentions in his play, The Merchant of Venice that ,”it is easy to give a sermon to to a crowd but it is extremely difficult to be a part of the same crowd and follow that sermon yourself.”  This is the problem the world faces. People want to preach and preach all the time without ever doing it themselves. It takes a lot of nerve to ‘not’ hold back people in life. It takes guts to trust people with their decisions. Sadly, very very few people do that.  From the very beginning, Society teaches us to ‘”Always be yourself.” Ironically when that actually happens it doesn’t approve of our ways. The moment when we are confronted with a situation like this where we stand conflicted,  is the time when we should decide  whether we will bow down to the fear that society wants to inflict on us or whether we will live each day our own way. The choice is always ours.

don't judge

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