joy of being happy

If you can sip hot cappuccino , read a Dan Brown novel and plug in ear phones post midnight with a smile on your face , it means you are happy. If you can move about randomly in the street , all by yourself with a song on your lips and ecstasy in your heart , you truly are feeling the joy in your life. It’s precious. So precious !! With that subtle composure in your life, you can so easily let go of things that once triggered you and made you upset. You don’t even care anymore about things that drain your energy. The journey from “What the hell?” to “I don’t give a shit!” is the hardest, I guess. But this journey is worth it πŸ™‚

Life is not that difficult so why purposely sign up for a life full of struggle when you can sail through it really smoothly. Work hard, achieve your aspirations, follow your dreams but don’t complicate your life just because you are too scared to pursue the one thing you were meant to do on this planet – ‘Be You’ !!! Every single moment , just be ‘you’ – One hundred percent. Life will turn out to be beautiful πŸ™‚

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