Consider this –

Boy – ” Hey gal, you wanna hang out tonight ? ”

Girl- ” No way !! ”

Now consider this –

Boy – “Hey gal, you wanna hang out tonight ? 😀 ”

Girl – “No way 😉 ”

Notice what’s different in the above two conversations ? In the former, the whole connotation of the tone is blatantly rude, while in the latter, there is a subtle flirtatious undertone. All that made a difference above was the insertion of one small emoticon at the end of the sentence.

Emoticons or Smileys as they’re popularly known are the new ‘lingo’ of our generation. They actually make up for extremely riveting conversations online . They facilitate to play up the nuances and therefore you can interpret whatever you feel like as per your convenience , without it getting offensive. You can actually spare yourself a lot of trouble if you can nail the art of using emoticons. Every time a text on Whatsapp get awkward, a message on Facebook gets impinging or a DM on Twitter gets coquette – USE smileys . Trust me, you will easily laugh your way out of it, without being offensive or being misunderstood ( Dear couples, kindly pay heed 😀 ).  Personally, i can have entire conversations only using smileys. They’re fun plus a single smiley has the power to carry the exact force of emotions and thoughts. One can cut down whole stanzas using emoticons, and yet convey the same meaning, some times even better. That’s the reason online conversations are easy.

I stumbled upon this article recently where i found out that this whole cult of using emoticons has gone so viral that in South Lanarkshire there are 226 Vehicle Activated Signs that don’t just tell drivers their speed, but show them a smiley or a sad face, depending on whether they’re under or over the limit. All thanks to these little faces, the number of people exceeding the speed limit in the Lanarckshire area fell by fifty three percent. I guess this whole emoticon buzz is here to stay, so try to be a part of it. Have some fun since this world lacks a sense of humour. It really does. Having said that , don’t make everybody a part of your emoticon world. Don’t let the creeps in.  ‘ Limit your access’ as i always say.  Just let the best be a part of it.

P.S – This post is inspired by & dedicated to an ‘epic’ convo with an ‘epic’ friend 🙂


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