I feel it is important in life to set limits ..not so much for ourselves as much for people around. The sooner we can draw boundaries and set limits for people the better it is..The more delay we make ..the more expectations we keep and that doesn’t really end well..After all it is  a strange selfish world we live in..its the kind of place where gratitude is rare..

..People are amnesic..they forget things soon..or lets say they don’t want to remember..because the more they’ll remember ,the more they’ll have to acknowledge what others have done for them and will end up unsatisfied and frustrated with their lives because reciprocation, thankfulness and heart felt gratitude isn’t everybody’s cup of tea..and therefore ‘purposeful’ amnesia is the key for a majority of people to live their lives.

The little things in life, the little gestures are what really make up life..a phone call to  a friend in need, a surprise visit to a distant relative, an early morning message to kick start the day, a flower to a child on the street, a hug to a agonized soul..all these things really count..and  a lot of people even in this day do all these things for people who matter..What doesn’t happen is reciprocation..and if does..it is rare.

The human race is in a habit for taking things for granted..until of course they no longer are present anymore..people feel they are lucky to be benefiting from certain people in their lives.What they don’t realize is that no luck is involved .. a lot of effort is by people who care.So if you ever feel that you are lucky to be the way you are ,think twice..you are that way because you have  a lot of people behind your back..to support you, love you, do things for you without being asked ..in turn what they expect is that you reciprocate not the things, but the efforts and the feelings..people who can’t even reciprocate are fools because they lose on a lot of things in life..and when they do realize and wanna make amends, it is too late.

Right things are to be done at the right time – neither before nor after..Value the good people in your life.It isn’t your destiny that you have them..you have to earn them by your efforts and intentions for a life time because if they leave, they’ll never look back..and you will end up being alone..Nobody waits for anyone..everyone here is on his own..and that is why it is  so important to share ..not your money, not your possessions but your time..if you really want to give people something give your time and make them feel special..That will be the best way to reciprocate..Don’t just keep receiving ..learn to give..selflessly..start reciprocating before it gets too late!!


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