All it takes for a relationship to work is endowing it with trust and affection.I won’t say love because love is so over rated.Moreover the definition is still very unclear as is the concept.A relationship with a little love can still work but without trust -No can’t, especially if you are one of those people who take every word of your partner blindly.Why is trust such a difficult virtue to attain in relationships these days?We are civilized people.We are progressing.We aren’t living in the dark ages anymore, then why?Why are more and more people turning unfaithful?

Losing trust is not only dangerous but deadly and in some cases fatal.All you have to do is talk about things to your partner.Even if the truth hurts it is nothing compared to betrayal.Betrayal can scar a person for life.So people come clean always and no matter what never ever lose character..because without it there’s no real difference between you and a beast.Speak the truth,that is all it takes!!


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